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What do our clients think?

Eric Chenut - Président de la Mutualité Française


To me, SonarVision is a revolution comparable to the iPhone. Its impact on my autonomy is considerable, although its full potential has yet to be tapped.


SonarVision has revolutionized my navigation by providing precise guidance, allowing me to avoid environmental hazards. It is essential for my safety and peace of mind, especially when crossing streets. I never leave home without it!


Today, thanks to SonarVision, I preferred to walk rather than take the subway. With SonarVision, I managed a 2 km route without wasting time asking people for directions and facing refusals and discouragement. SonarVision allows me to walk more and save time on my journeys.


Every year, I test applications that are supposed to change the lives of visually impaired users. Some even promise to restore our sight. This Thursday, I was about to try another GPS app, promising to ease the travel of blind people. As usual, I thought I would test this product and be disappointed again. But this time, everything was different. Let me tell you about Sonarvision. In my opinion, it's the most useful app for the blind since the advent of smartphones. And once again, thank you, Apple! Indeed, thanks to the geotracking allowed by the latter, Sonarvision can benefit from a tool making it the most precise GPS to date. What a pleasure to move without thinking about unknown paths, without getting annoyed with Google Maps that gets lost guiding me on winding roads. Thanks to this small team that works tirelessly to create giant routes for us.