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SonarVision is a navigation app designed for visually impaired people. It allows you to prepare journeys with the help of a human operator, then follow them independently, with unprecedented accuracy.

Where can SonarVision take you ?

Metro entrances

Bus or tram stops

Public places (supermarkets, restaurants, city hall...)

Private places (home, building entrance, workplace...)

How does it work?

There are two steps to using SonarVision:

  • Prepare your journey. Make a travel request in the app between two places of your choice. A human operator will complete it within 24 hours.
  • Complete your journey. Select your destination, go outside, then scan the buildings around you to refine the GPS accuracy. SonarVision then guides you to your destination to the meter, using sound cues.

Why use SonarVision?

SonarVision is the only accessible navigation app that is accurate to the meter, thanks to our Visual Positioning System (VPS).

We ensure that the routes are of the highest quality by manually checking each one. If a problem persists on a route, due to construction for example, we can modify it very quickly at the user's request.

The app is 100% accessible with Voice Over.



To me, SonarVision is a revolution comparable to the iPhone. Its impact on my autonomy is considerable, although its full potential has yet to be tapped.


SonarVision has revolutionized my navigation by providing precise guidance, allowing me to avoid environmental hazards. It is essential for my safety and peace of mind, especially when crossing streets. I never leave home without it!

3-minute demonstration

Limitations and constraints

SonarVision is currently available only in the following cities and their agglomerations:

  • Paris
  • Lyon

The VPS system only works in places where we have panoramic imagery taken from the street. SonarVision does not work indoors or in private streets or closed campuses. Likewise, the VPS does not work well at night in poorly lit areas.

Your iPhone's camera must be able to see in front of you for the VPS to work.

Finally, to use SonarVision it is strongly recommended to acquire bone conduction or sound projection headphones so as not to block your ears on the street.


Why this pricing?

Each journey is verified by a SonarVision operator to ensure that the route takes the appropriate sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, and that the arrival point is positioned within one meter of the entrance. Once the journey is verified, it can be used as many times as desired by the user.